You are currently viewing Kamille unleashes empowering new single ‘Options’ feat. Tamera & Bellah

Kamille unleashes empowering new single ‘Options’ feat. Tamera & Bellah

Fresh from winning the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection last month, BRIT and GRAMMY Award-winning Kamille today releases her brand new single ‘Options’, featuring rising star Tamera and the princess of UK R&B Bellah. The track is the second single from Kamille’s upcoming self-produced mini album K1, which will be released on September 9.

Options is a true girls anthem. Driven by an addictive beat, the track is grounded in the feeling of someone treating you like an ‘option’ in your relationship, but instead of accepting and giving in to this, empowering yourself and your girlfriends to turn the tables on this person, “cos two can play that game.”

Kamille says: “You know that moment when the person you’re dating becomes complacent, plays games and forgets that in an instant you could find a replacement for them…’Options’ is a big reminder to the lover in your life that you should always be a priority!”

Authentic and unafraid with bold, powerful lyrics, the record was created entirely by women – from the production to songwriting, to the mixing and mastering, from start to finish. Kamille adds:“When I wrote and produced this song, I knew instantly that it was special. I knew I wanted to feature some really talented women to help me make this a girls anthem, and I’ve always been such a huge fan of Bellah and Tamera. Their voices are incredible and they’ve been representing for black female artists in the UK. This song really highlights the scope of female talent and I love that for us!”

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