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Megzz releases empowering R&B anthem ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

Northampton-based R&B and neo-soul artist has released her brand-new single ‘Boys Will Be Boys’.

‘Boys Will Be Boys (BWBB)’ is a dark yet empowering R&B anthem about female empowerment, misogyny and revenge. The song plays on the well-known problematic phrase “boys will be boys”, with Megzz expressing her frustrations and anger and using the track as an opportunity to give the power back to women. Taking inspiration from artists such as Jorja Smith, Kiana Lede and Mahalia, the single showcases Megzz raw talent, her vocals taking centre stage throughout the 3-minute-long track.

Speaking of the process of writing the single, Megzz said: “Writing ‘Boys Will Be Boys (BWBB)’ was a challenging but empowering and freeing process. As a strong advocate for female empowerment, my own experiences surrounding issues with misogyny, consent and sexism helped me to write a powerful piece of music for myself and hopefully other women.

“The catalyst however, was one particular experience I had in the music industry. At a gig/industry networking event when I was 19, I was approached by a male artist who was both older than me, and more established in the music industry. He made this power dynamic known; saying he was able to get my music heard by his label and that he wanted to write together. But things quickly turned dark over social media, as he tried to blackmail me into sending him explicit photos – saying he would ruin my reputation in the industry before I’d even made a name for myself if I didn’t…That was the moment I started writing ‘BWBB’. It was my way of being able to express my rage without judgement, and a way to imagine what revenge I may be tempted to take in an alternate world without consequences.”

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