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Milan Ring announces new album Mangos; shares new single ‘Photograph’

Celebrated Eora/Sydney R&B musician, producer and engineer Milan Ring fully embraces her new era with the announcement of her love-struck second studio album, Mangos. Out May 10 via Astral People Recordings, the record is preceded by latest single, ‘Photograph’.

In a brief moment of bliss towards the backend of the record, the trip-inspired ‘Photograph’ focuses on savouring the moment and losing hours simply by being with someone you like. Milan infuses the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz within the lyrics – a powerful code of conduct on how to experience the most in life. “In a world that is finger snap instant, it’s nice to have a medium that forces one to wait. I’m not sure how the light will hit the film. All I know is that for a second, I tried to remember,” she adds.

Playful and inquisitive, Milan Ring’s Mangos is the epitome of radiant summer, oozing endless possibilities and a profound sense of lightness as she flirts across genres from alt-pop to electronica whilst also staying true to her R&B roots. A hopeless romantic, Milan Ring asks us to surrender to love on Mangos, inviting us inward as she embarks on a journey of love that is universal yet individually complex. Through her lyrics, experimental mixing, multiple string arrangements and voice memos recorded by close friends, she outlines the stages of a relationship across one year, likening the journey to the inevitable change in seasons, reminding us that nothing stays still forever.

As is to be expected from the impressive and fiercely talented multi-hyphenate, Mangos was written, recorded, produced and mixed in her home studio on Gadigal Land in the Inner West of Eora/Sydney. Like a real-time scrapbook of thoughts, the record lays bare Milan’s authentic self, purposefully imbued with her inspirations across the course of a relationship, pulling inspiration from the natural world akin to the poetry of Mary Oliver. Delving into new genres, a sense of cohesiveness nevertheless remains with Milan and her second voice – the guitar – alongside her signature syncopation as she marries fresh sounds together through mixing and expert producing, folding subtle nods to her heritage into her forward-thinking compositions.


  1. Quicksand
  2. Sunshine
  3. Mangos
  4. River Flow
  5. Leo
  6. Shadows
  7. High As The Moon
  8. Photograph
  9. To & Fro
  10. Sanctuary
Photo credit: James Evans

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