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Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

Katrina Ford shares new single ‘Go Deep’

Singer-songwriter Katrina Ford (of Celebration and Mt Royal) shares ‘Go Deep,’ the fourth single off her debut solo EP, due June 24 via Violin Films.

Speaking on the single, Katrina wrote: “It’s ok to grow roots. I had a dream about speeding down a cliff road, in a borrowed yellow Lamborghini. Roaring to the shore, to visit a fortune teller on the pier. I was told she lies before I saw her. Confused, I left , walking past piles of riches, gold statues, jewels and cash dumped in the sand littering the beach. A family of beggars in black rags, approached me on the boardwalk. I had nothing, to give . My only valuable was to accept myself without outside influence. Everyone was trying to influence me but I was finding home within, and letting myself be rooted in my own self belief, despite the cliff dwelling Lamborgini owner, despite the lying fortune teller, despite the beggars. I could hold on.

“So self-indulgent in our elementary school fantasy of Beverly Hills Cop — directly energized by Harold Faltermer – ‘Axel F.’ I feel the leather and the steel so ornately and loveably fun. Ends a Howling Roy-Orbisonian cloned bubbles popping into the sunset.”


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