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Photo credit: Vladim Vilain

Kaya Hoax trades bratty verses with Magi Merlin on ‘Hot Girls With ADD’

Listening to Montreal based musician Kaya Hoax, you’ll find yourself nodding your head with a high energy blend of mischief and passive indignation. Both urgent and celebratory, her music lives somewhere between hip hop and experimental pop, drawing inspiration from UK grime, dancehall and punk.

Over a clutter of hypnotic percussions, raw synth leads and rumbling 808s, Kaya Hoax spits verses that oscillate between fierce proclamations of independence and glimpses of utter vulnerability.

After a handful of remarkable shows around Quebec, including an incendiary set during POP Montreal, Kaya Hoax is set to release her first EP Baby Gear in May. With hyperactive hooks, infectious bass lines and earworm melodies, she presents a distinctive vision of digital bangers for irreverent femme vibes.

The next single to be unveiled from Baby Gear is ‘Hot Girls with ADD’. On this imposing banger, Kaya Hoax teams up with Magi Merlin, trading bratty verses that boast and shrug like the inner dialog of a teenage psyche. With menacing synths and a dancehall-inspired groove created alongside producer Loxley, the track casts a sonic vision that feels both urgent and celebratory. ‘Hot Girls with ADD’ is about conserving a childlike spirit on the grind, imagining oneself as an exhausted future mother, and ultimately about just wanting to get down and shake it off after a long day’s work.

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