You are currently viewing Quantum Dot releases electrifying new single ‘Breaking Bones’

Quantum Dot releases electrifying new single ‘Breaking Bones’

Luxembourg’s Quantum Dot release their electrifying new single ‘Breaking Bones’, the first offering from their upcoming EP Random Casualties, out October 14.

Featuring singer-songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir from the acclaimed band WHEN ‘AIRY MET FAIRY, ‘Breaking Bones’ seduces with its sweet, carefree allure, as Thorunn’s dreamy vocals wrap around the track’s tectonic beats to create an atmospheric Nordic soundscape. At first it feels like a gentle heartbreak ditty, until you dig into the track’s gritty lyrics to uncover a rather disturbing narrative which describes the terrible consequences that a man has to endure after breaking a woman’s heart. It’s an enticing taste of the upcoming EP.

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