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Kiss Nuka shares new single ‘I Love the Drive’

Multi-disciplinary artist and activist, Kiss Nuka from Mumbai, India releases her latest single ‘I Love The Drive’ on Ahead Of Our Time, the Ninja Tune imprint founded by Matt Black and Jon More (aka the iconic duo Coldcut).

A departure from her thought-provoking audio-visual narratives–including her globally acclaimed directorial debut ‘Ayo Burn’ and ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ which was also produced, written and performed by Kiss Nuka– ‘I Love The Drive’ is a relentless five-and-a-half minute electronic dance track that twists and flips around groovy basslines and unabashed vocals (“Riding up and down the highway to nowhere / Destination don’t arrive / It’s okay ‘I Love The Drive.“), showcasing Kiss Nuka’s signature style. The song serves an ode to illicit relationships; twisted, adrenaline-fueled interactions that are no bark but all bite, the kind many of us have experienced.

Kiss Nuka first performed ‘I Love The Drive’ in March as part of her debut live electronic set at the legendary Mixmag The Lab Goa, where Matt Black heard her for the first time. After ‘I Love The Drive’ generated a great reaction on the dance floor and across audiences online, Matt and Kiss Nuka decided to release this track via Ahead Of Time, the label Coldcut set up in 1987 and the forerunner of Ninja Tune, known for its eclecticism.

Speaking on the new single and working with Matt, Kiss Nuka says, “Growing up, all I heard was the rock and roll my parents played, and that is where my roots lie. With its unapologetic, in-your-face brashness, ‘I Love The Drive’ feels like home. Matt’s artistic work and contribution to electronic music is legendary. I am pumped to have him not just release my music, but also produce a slamming dub version of this track.”

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