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Photo credit: Craig Benson

Dance Lessons return with serrated pop double A side ‘Wet Batteries / I Like Lies’

Blending alternative pop, electronica, disco, soul and jazz, London-based trio Dance Lessons create their own genre that they’ve coined ‘Serrated Pop’. They create music for fans of the likes of Little Dragon, Sault and Jungle, whilst embracing influences from further afar with nods to icons such as Massive Attack, Bjork and Rosin Murphy. The trio have just released their double A side single ‘Wet Batteries / ‘I Like Lies’, mixed by Andrew Maury (Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Kimbra, Lewis Del Mar) in NYC.

Having released their first three, critically acclaimed singles during the midst of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the fear and uncertainty of releasing music during this time, threw all their inhibitions away, and encouraged the trio to focus on music they love. Their new double A side ‘Wet Batteries / I Like Lies’ is the product of this.

‘Wet Batteries’ is an upbeat, funky tune, with dreamy vocals and smooth saxophone backdropped by fierce electronics with an angsty riff reminiscent of Bjork’s ‘Army Of Me’. The track is a celebration of being carefree and holding onto your inner child. The single’s juxtaposition of high energy versus the ethereal lightness, opens questions to everything. “It’s about keeping that Peter Pan personality alive” they add.

‘I Like Lies’ is a softer, soulful and more sensual single, with Ann’s enticing vocals at the forefront. Floating through on dreamy sax and electronics, this shimmery track is made up of attitude, embracing stroppy childishness within an adult context. It explores the idea that blissful ignorance might not offer much resolution but it can be healing in its own way, as Ann repeats “don’t speak the truth,” acknowledging that the heartbroken are better off unaware.

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