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KT Laine shares new single ‘Again’

KT Laine is a study in subtlety. Her songs radiate a positively warm glow, sweetly burnished and unhurried. And while her performances make them seem effortless, they are also finely constructed pieces that recall certain like-minded contemporary singer-songwriters (Angel Olsen, Cate Le Bon, Big Thief) as much as ’60s and ’70s legends like Linda Perhacs, Sybille Baier, and Judee Sill.

Laine’s vocals hit a sweet spot between laid-back and longing, exhibiting a depth that is rare for someone releasing their debut album. On full-length Knock Knee, forthcoming on Victory Pool Records, her combination of the cool, refined delivery and deeply introspective lyrical content makes these songs worth coming back to again and again.

Feeling restless and uncertain, ‘Again’ was written when her partner at the time had just left for tour and Laine began to process the possibilities of ending the relationship. “At times I was grateful for that distance, and other times I really did mind that it was such a long way home. This song is a double edged sword in that way,” the artist elaborates. Listen to ‘Again,’ recorded on a vintage Tascam 388 tape machine with drummer Eli Browning (Aidan Knight, Ghost Woman), one of Laine’s key collaborators below.


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