You are currently viewing CAJA unveils her breathtaking debut single ‘In the Garden’

CAJA unveils her breathtaking debut single ‘In the Garden’

CAJA grew up on the west coast of Norway on the small island of Austevoll, surrounded by magical, mountainous scenery and the deep mysteries of the sea. It’s no surprise, then, that her debut single ‘In The Garden’ – out today – takes your breath away.

The people on CAJA’s island are used to hard weather and hard work, a community of fisherfolk and other seaworkers. CAJA always sought something else in her heart: from an early age she wrote melodies and lyrics; hammering, humming and singing.

The sounds of the ocean and winds coming from the North Sea have inspired what now is the beginning of a unique and personal odyssey of music. The wonderful debut single ‘In The Garden’ showcases CAJA’s earthy, dreamlike pop sound with roots in her love for artists such as Björk, Agnes Obel and Susanne Sundfør.

CAJA wrote the song after losing her beloved grandmother, as a sort of love-letter to her granddad; a story about living without your significant other. After being away from Bergen for two months without writing any music, ‘In The Garden’ was the first song made after CAJA came back in the studio.


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