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Photo credit: Oscar Blair

Lexie Carroll returns with indie-pop gem ‘fall for anything’

London newcomer Lexie Carroll has shared her new single ‘fall for anything’. It follows previous release ‘if I built my home from paper’ and her debut EP when the sun came up.

For her latest offering ‘fall for anything’, Lexie experiments with a more upbeat sound as she presents her first venture into indie pop. Produced by Mack Jamieson, it’s a playful track about navigating a hot-and-cold relationship. Full of colour and vibrancy, ‘fall for anything’ is a catchy summer gem that clearly demonstrates her growing star power.

Speaking of ‘fall for anything’ Lexie explains: “I wrote ‘fall for anything’ about being in a confusing relationship where you’re not sure where you stand. When the other person isn’t giving much back but is still kind of stringing you along, which can be quite frustrating!”

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