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Photo credit: Ruby Boland

Jet City Sports Club unveils dreamy indie-pop track ‘Green Thumb’

Sydney quartet Jet City Sports Club unveils their shimmering indie pop tune ‘Green Thumb’. On this new single Lilla uses witty metaphors to illustrate how easily we can abandon relationships and with this new release, it further establishes Jet City Sports Club as one of Sydney’s premier fresh indie-pop voices. The band worked with producer Fletcher Matthews (Clews, Sweater Curse) with mastering by George Georgiagis (Debbies, The VANNS).

“I started writing ‘Green Thumb’ one afternoon when I looked around my apartment and realized I only had one houseplant that was still alive,” explains Lilla. “So I suppose I started thinking ‘I hope I don’t neglect relationships like I do my plants!’ Jack is really good at bringing light summery and anthemic themes and fun catchy riffs into our music and so from there we just built on that before taking it first to the rehearsal studio with the band and then to Fletcher the Producer we worked on for this one.”

‘Green Thumb’ is comparable to long-time pioneers in that lush indie sound such as The Sundays, but with an unique Australian edge similar to ​​their contemporaries The Buoys and Teenage Joans. Slicing through the sun kissed vibes of Lilla vocals is Seb’s bass and Dom’s drum parts with Jack’s perfectly executed layer of guitar throughout the song that ties it all together.

“Usually Jack and I will come up with the initial lyrics and chords of a song separately or sometimes together, and then we will take the new song to band practice where we will flesh out new riffs, the structure and of course Seb and Dom will come up with their bass and drum parts. We have just recently started working with Fletcher Mathews who collaborated with us on ‘Green Thumb’ rewriting some structure, lyrics and parts.”

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