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Lily Hain has returned with her latest single, ‘OH GOD’

Indie singer-songwriter Lily Hain has returned with her latest single, ‘OH GOD,’ today. The track is an edgy, pop-tinged offering that combats the mundanity of everyday life, particularly inspired by cold winters and seasonal depression (“The shine on my shoes wore off,/ February made me lonely as hell”). A punchy bass and oscillating drum beats make way for an energetic chorus, as she laments being a victim of circumstance even in the city (“I think that I need a new brain”), eagerly awaiting spring, and some form of rebirth, in the bridge. It is Hain’s fifth release in a string of lyrically candid tracks off of her highly anticipated debut album Fatal Flaws, set for release February 9.

‘OH GOD’ was initially written over only a bass line, a common occurrence in Hain’s process. She has a knack for hearing an arrangement from a simple melody, and bringing it to fruition in the studio with her producers. “I knew right away that I wanted to have a lot of driving heavy guitars in the song,” she shared. Drum pads, strings, and synths help to create her intended sound, a rockier side to the commercial pop world.

She explains, “I wrote it during my first winter in New York City after moving from North Carolina, which has much milder winters. It’s about my frustration of the constant of bitter cold, grey days and what it does to my mindset. It also chronicles the novelty of moving to New York City wearing off – I had dreamt of moving to NYC since I was a little girl so this song touches on the realities of living in the big city versus the shiny version I had in my head.”

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