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Photo credit: Tony Dočekal

Loupe return with new single ‘Tested Waters’

Amsterdam indie rock quartet Loupe return with the new single ‘Tested Waters’. Recorded with producer Arne van Petegem (Moss, Styrofoam) and mixed by Beau Sorenson (Death Cab For Cutie, Sparklehorse), the new single showcases the band’s first release since the addition of new vocalist Nina Ouattara, as well as a first taste of the bands upcoming EP.

Combining a rich, intricate musicality with haunting, infectious melodies, ‘Tested Waters’ is another beautiful example of Loupe’s stylistic and captivating alternative-indie-rock sound. Opening with a warming, plucky bass and boxy filtered drums, ambient picked guitar tones and the silky lead vocals soon enter, creating an ethereal and stunningly emotive soundscape before the track swells and slides into its spine tingle-inducing chorus.

As comparable to Radiohead as it is to ViVii and elements of Beach House, the tracks stunning middle-8 and climactic final chorus demonstrate the ever growing musical maturity and songcraft that have seen the band become acclaimed for. Speaking about the single, the band explain: “‘It started with a door slammed’ Nina’s opening lyric in ‘Tested Waters’ is one of the kind that instantly grabs you, and takes you along with her in her story. From the viewpoint of teenage Nina, the song tells us about a relationship where two people keep pushing each other’s limits to extremes.

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