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90ivy release new single ‘Public Displays of Deflection’

90ivy, the Sydney-based four-piece indie-rock outfit renowned for their “happy-sad songs for happy-sad people,” shares their anticipated new single, ‘Public Displays of Deflection.’ This is the first taste of their forthcoming 3rd EP, marking a pivotal and exciting moment in their artistry as they share a glimpse into their evolving musical direction.

“[This release] marks an important shift in 90ivy’s musical direction – we’re becoming more comfortable with leveraging experimental sounds and rhythms, going outside the usual checkpoints for our genre and staying true to each of our own musical influences,” says the band. “We’re excited to get the ball rolling on this new EP, because we think our listeners will be pleasantly surprised with the raw authenticity of the new work and the uniqueness of the sound.”

‘Public Displays of Deflection’ showcases 90ivy’s exploration of experimental sounds and rhythms, breaking free from genre conventions while staying true to their individual musical influences. This shift in their artistic approach reveals a raw authenticity and uniqueness that they have honed over the 3+ years they have been together. The single delves into the complexities of relationships, portraying the tumultuous nature of guarding one’s heart through witty and introspective lyrics. It seamlessly blends a hint of irony with heartfelt emotions, creating a sonic experience that resonates deeply.“’Public Displays of Deflection’ is essentially about how hot and cold relationships can be when you’re so afraid to get hurt or be rejected. I’ve learnt the hard way that being guarded doesn’t always protect you in the way you think it does,” explain the band. “The song is littered with hypocrisy in its lyrics – “with my whole heart and a little irony”, “I like you no I hate you quite a lot”, “ground breaking, sub par classic” – to capture the tumultuousness of a relationship where one person is constantly trying to protect their heart.”

Lead guitarist Liam, a devoted Radiohead fan, weaves his influence throughout the song, infusing it with an unforgettable guitar theme. The result is a melodic tapestry that encapsulates the band’s inspired mindset that continually strives for growth and creative maturity. For this single, the band once again partnered with producer/engineer Pete Holz (Gang Of Youths, Peking Duk, Vance Joy) to bring the track to life.

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