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Photo credit Tia-Ama Amihyia

Lucy DK explores the duality of bisexuality in dreamy new alt anthem ‘Glitter’

Alt R&B/Pop singer-songwriter Lucy DK returns with her highly anticipated new single, ‘Glitter.’ The first in a string of singles set for release in 2022, ‘Glitter’ follows ‘Southbank’ and ‘Queen Bed’, which delved into very personal themes of depression and absent fathers. Lucy DK does not shy away from the real, once saying, “I’m here for turning daddy issues into great flows.”

Complete with heavy 808’s, ethereal synthscapes and playful lyrics, ‘Glitter’s uniquely futuristic bedroom blend of R&B, Pop and Trap was cooked up in a New York City apartment alongside producer, Michael Rohacz, whilst the artist was living stateside.

Speaking of the track, Lucy says, “’Glitter’ is about longing to live as your authentic self. I wrote it about struggling to accept my bisexuality. About how it felt to be in a relationship with a boy and know there was more of myself still to discover. About how it felt to see queerness and wonder if I could bear to take on another label that looked, on the surface, like more oppression. I was in the midst of an internal struggle I couldn’t even voice to myself yet. I didn’t know when I wrote the song that a year or so later I would be in a queer relationship. That I would come to see my queerness as a route not towards oppression but towards freedom. Even now, as a once defining romantic relationship ends, I find myself strong, queer and free, by my own definition and no one else’s. This song helped me begin dreaming of who I could be, if only I gave myself permission.”

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