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Photo credit: Stephane Wafer

Lucy Park releases vibrant new single ‘All Roads’

Rising star in R&B/Soul Lucy Park is back with another single, ‘All Roads’.

The track starts with a fast and mesmerizing nylon guitar, the drums follow to settle our ears, with a distinct Dance-influenced groove that immediately gets you bouncing along to the track. Lucy states, “I wanted the song to feel like a summer night out in London. It was exactly how I was feeling that day in the studio, so the writing happened so quickly that I finished it in a few hours!” There is a constant hum of other instruments filling out the mid-range, you are surrounded in a flurry of sound that somehow comes together beautifully to lay a perfect instrumental for the vocal performance.

Lucy’s vocals are alluring and captivating, with all the confidence of a seasoned and acclaimed artist. She sits back into the groove of the song, showing her R&B prowess with simple yet gorgeous harmonies littered throughout the chorus. Relatable lyrics are delivered through vibrant melodies from start to finish. The artist shares that ‘All Roads’ is about two strangers flirting at a diner, and the feeling of being enamored by a forbidden summer crush. Lucy says: “The song is sort of a dance back and forth between them. It’s about building up a romance in your head while you are still strangers in real life. This is a really new sound for me and I’m so excited for people to hear it!”

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