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Emei shares her latest track ‘Don’t Know About The World’

The incredible alt-pop talent that is Emei shares her stellar new single ‘Don’t Know About The World’, ahead of the release of her EP in October.

On this new single Emei showcases her show stopping ability to deliver a blend of dreamy vocals and sentimental lyricism once again. Although, in a slight departure from her usual more fiery and playful storytelling and production, we are given the opportunity to see Emei’s more stripped back, vulnerable side, for it’s a song about the safety and comfort that a loving relationship can provide, amidst a world of hate and bitterness.

Speaking on the formation of the track, Emei shares: “I moved to LA about a year and a half ago, and the past bit has been a lot of learning and growing and realizing how hard it is to trust the people around you. There’s so much hate and bitterness in the world and sometimes I just wanna stay home with that person I love and avoid everything outside our windows. Don’t know about the world is a song about feeling safe and finding solace in that one person (or space or thing). I don’t often write about love, so finding a way to create a sappy authentic love song that still could live on this project was more difficult than you’d think. I wanted this last single to be a bit of a left turn from my previous singles. I wanted the song to be a window into my emotional world. Once Boyblue and I figured out how to have the song still filled with the vocal harmonies and ear candy I adore, everything fell into place, and it became the ambient introduction to my sophomore EP.”

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