You are currently viewing Lunatic High release blistering new single ‘Paralyzed’

Lunatic High release blistering new single ‘Paralyzed’

Lunatic High has released ‘Paralyzed,’ an explosive new single about climbing out of the abyss of a dark situation. Told from the perspective of a tenacious woman fighting to free herself from a degrading and abusive relationship, the intensely-atmospheric track is built on the narrator’s character arc of endurance, liberation, redemption, rediscovery, and eventually self-control.

‘Paralyzed’ is about “someone finally leaving a horrible, degrading situation, only to be chased after and loomed over again,” explains Lunatic High frontwoman Natalia Borges De Oliveira. “Eventually, she comes free of it and even manages to champion over it. We’ve all been in that situation, whether it was a relationship, a job, a family, or anything else. I wanted to capture that feeling, remind listeners to keep fighting, and never let anyone control the fire inside them.”

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