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Photo credit: Mitch Love

Detour release new riffed-out belter ‘Say The Word’

Lacquered in teen angst and polished with refinement, Detour’s indie-pop-punk single ‘Say The Word’ is a proclamation of a band ready to stake their position in the Australian music scene. Pulled from their forthcoming debut EP Say The Word, out April 20, they set the stage for a confident body of work exploring modern teenagehood.

‘Say The Word’ is a step up for the band, showing their refinement in songwriting, growth and maturity (while still foregrounding their teen angst with a chanted ‘f* this, f* that, f*** you!’ in the bridge)

The band say, “The lyrics and storyline of the single is trying to mimic what your brain sounds like when you have a crush on someone, the lyrics are examples of things you would just blurt out when you get nervous or flustered around this person. It’s really about how when you fancy someone and would do anything for them and lose sleep over not being with them.”

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