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RØRY returns with confessional new single ‘Alternative’

Pop punk polymath RØRY has returned with their confessional new single ‘ALTERNATIVE’.

Perceptive and narrative driven, ‘ALTERNATIVE’ is a defiant example of RØRY’s penchant for autobiographical pathos, uplifted with soaring vocals and emotive pop punk instrumentation.

Speaking further about the track they say “’ALTERNATIVE’ is about imagining who I would be, with a different childhood. It’s making the link between my own addictions, and those of my father. How our parents give us a blueprint for love and intimacy and that my blueprint was lies, deceit, affairs, and abuse. The relationship I grew up watching, led me to repeat these patterns in my own life. It was only through therapy that I was able to see the destructive pattern I was part of, and take ownership of my own behaviour. Realising how much life I had lost to addiction brought about a deep grief for the decade I would never get back, for the person I would never become. The song is an ode to analternative version of me, one that is perhaps a lot happier.”

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