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Maddy O’Neal recruits vocalist MOONZz for inaugural collaboration ‘Change Of Pace’

Future bass queen Maddy O’Neal unveils ‘Change Of Pace,’ a bouncy, exuberant song that further expands the artist’s sonic palette while still retaining her typical creative panache. Featuring LA-bred vocalist MOONZz (the singer-songwriter project of Molly Williams) ‘Change Of Pace’ represents a fluid chemistry between vocals and instrumental, surrounding MOONZz’ melodic, celestial performance with ascendant chord progressions, glitchy synths, and a booming, bass-infused beat.

‘Change Of Pace’ is the first collaboration between the two artists, and their writing process proved to be a natural creative partnership invigorated by shared taste and history (both are CU Boulder alumni).

The single features a genre-melding, trunk-rattling instrumental, combining trap and bass music elements to create a kaleidoscopic, dance-fueled experience. O’Neal’s production is the perfect foil for MOONZz’ vocals, which glide throughout the track and anchor the electronic core with layers of heavenly, triumphant melodies.

O’Neal had this to say on the track: “From start to finish it felt like we successfully created this seamless dialogue. The goal of every song is to create these push and pull tension moments that build and release energy as you go, and I feel like we found this flawless balance in those subtleties in ‘Change of Pace’.”

“This song felt like a breath of fresh air,” added MOONZz’s. “Over the past couple years, as a creative, it’s felt too easy to lose track of the vision and feel stuck in the comparison game. This song serves as my own reminder to take a breath — to create that change of pace to take care of my mental health — to cultivate that environment I need and crave of relaxation and calm. Working with Maddy was really special.”

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