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Mali Haf shares new single ‘SWSH!’

In this single Mali Haf takes a new direction with her brand of alternative pop. The aim is to create music with an impact that cannot be ignored, a combination of compelling electroinc beats and evocative melodies. She hopes to convince her Welsh speaking and non-Welsh speaking audiences that the language can thrive in current high energy musical environments.

‘SHWSH!’ is a burst of empowering pop that urges it’s listeners to be themselves in the worlds of Reality TV and social media. There is empathy for how we have to navigate the bombardment of media advice, designed to create disatisfactions. The last verse wishes that we could be free to allow love into our lives. The other clear message in the lyrics is that your gender identity is personal to you, no-one should dictate how you should express it.

This is the first single leading towards an EP in the Autumn. This new material is a collaboration with the South Wales based producer Minas.

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