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Photo credit: Mikaela Grogan

Rebebe shares new single ‘Prozac’

With an otherworldly voice and unfiltered lyrics, 20-year-old Rebebe arrives as one to watch on the blooming alt-pop scene with new single ‘Prozac’.

She grabs your attention from the very first note. Rebebe has got a voice so full of presence and unexpected intonations, constantly shifting between divine confidence and frantic vibrato. There’s a good chance Rebebe is going to be your new favourite alt-pop drug – and ‘Prozac’ is the first addiction. It’s a spellbinding introduction to a lyrical universe of a young woman who channels her own reality with pure imagination.

“‘Prozac’ is about being in a relationship based on mutual exploitation of each other, knowing that even though you’re a real piece of work, you’re still more than welcome to come and disturb me. This is your life and for some reason you don’t want to change a thing…Truth is it’s a need -a selfish necessity for both of you,” Rebebe says.

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