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Photo credit: Bridgette Winten

Maple Glider shares new song ‘Two Years’

Maple Glider has shared a new single – ‘Two Years’ – from her second album, I Get Into Trouble, out October 13 via Partisan.

It’s a fresh flavour for fans of singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch – snaky drums and plucky bass shimmy the verses along in a tight groove. And just like the uncertainty of the relationship being sung about, the mood abruptly shifts several times throughout the song, across dripping choruses and a wafting bridge.

Says Zietsch: “I remember having the need to write this song at the moment I was experiencing these uncertain feelings, but being unable to do so in private… This was a time of life where I got swept up into the clouds, and didn’t feel the ground for a long time. Even listening to the song now I can feel the self-doubt in my lyrics, the indecision in the music, the attempt to find the sweetness amongst what was ultimately an incredibly claustrophobic experience.”

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