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Maple Glider has released a double single taken from her upcoming LP I Get Into Trouble – out Oct 13 via Partisan (rest of world) and Pieater (Australia). ‘You At The Top Of The Driveway’ and ‘You’re Gonna Be A Daddy’ are sibling songs (in more ways than one) that bridge Side A and Side B of the album, and were written for and dedicated to Maple Glider’s songwriting muse – her niece. The track’s melt into one another, unfurling layers of lackadaisical guitar and candied vocals which create a hushed version of Maple’s infectious folk-pop. It’s an honest expression of love that captures the beautiful and unique worldview-shift that comes along with welcoming a new life into the world. Of the song pair, Zietsch says “I wrote these songs together as part one and two when I found out I was going to be an aunty for the first time. I experienced an urgent feeling of wanting to be near her, and I imagined all the things we’d be able to do together, in the same places where my brother and I grew up. I was having all sorts of considerations about my place in the world and what I am doing here, and I was searching for the things / people that hold importance to me.” The video for ‘You’re Gonna Be A Daddy’ was filmed on Dja Dja Wurrung country in central Victoria, at The Salvage Yard, and is gratuitously full of colourful costumes and a fabulous unicorn affectionately nicknamed “Stubz”. It was created with the same team behind the clip for previous single ‘Dinah’ – co-directed by Bridgette Winten and filmed by Tom Dunphy.

Brooklyn artist beccs shares the new single and music video, ‘Good Comin”. ‘Good Comin’,’ is a whimsical indie-pop track about running away from something good comin’; be it a healthy relationship, one’s higher potential, or quite literally one’s own orgasms! The lyrics are laced with sensual innuendo, heartfelt honesty, and some killer melodic vocal hooks that showcase beccs’ soulful and dexterous voice. Like anything that comes out of beccs, the bouncy, playful bop, produced by Godfrey Furchtgott, Eben D’Amico from Saves The Day, Jack Mullin, and beccs, is informed by a real depth around the artist’s struggle and trauma around intimacy. beccs says: “I think at the end of the day, it’s recognizing that while our bodies might be home to a lot of pain, they can also be home to a lot of joy and pleasure. I wrote this song to flirt with that idea; that after everything our bodies and hearts have overcome, we don’t just stop at feeling safe. We get to feel pleasure too. On the cusp of joy and in the wake of pain, ‘Good Comin’ lovingly and playfully asks us to inch ourselves closer towards a path of joy when other voices tell us to run.” The music video is shot with a queer/femme/trans crew of close collaborators and dear friends including Berriez plus-size vintage shop owner and stylist Emma Zack, choreographer Holly Sass, and director Julia Barrett Mitchell.

The Keening— the solo music project of Rebecca Vernon (ex-SubRosa)—announce debut album, Little Bird, out October 6 on Relapse Records. An ultra-melodic foray into haunted bogs, endless wells, secret crimes, jeweled cages and the unenviable curse of being a murder witness abound, Little Bird carries Vernon’s signature sounds throughout— deeply moving passages give away to cinematic, sprawling moments of chambered doom. As dark as this sounds, Little Bird also fills the air with a sense of magic and wonder – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The Keening weaves a web of lush orchestration, American Gothic sensibilities and wintry murder ballads set against a backdrop of dark, shimmering folk. Vernon’s previous band SubRosa echoes in The Keening’s chamber doom, flowing with flute, strings, harp, French horn, piano, organ and hammered dulcimer. The Keening’s Rebecca Vernon comments: “I’m excited to finally start releasing this music into the ether, along with the album art, and the music video for single ‘Little Bird.’ I think the film company 10 Seconds to Comply (Ken Whiting, Andrew Bonazelli and Manny OA) did a phenomenal job pulling together this music video and bringing their beautiful vision to light. They really captured the spirit and essence of the song. I’m proud of my friend Lucy Sharapata for playing the lead so well. I’m also excited to share the album art – two oil paintings by Lis Pardoe of Portland. Thanks to Relapse Records for making this happen!”

Fresh off supporting pop queen Ashe on her Australian-wide tour, Phebe Starr is on the brink of a new musical chapter. The modern world has developed an excessive fixation on automation, bombarding us with the ideals of efficiency and perfection. In this pursuit of short-term success, we risk sacrificing the essential elements of depth, individuality, and human connection. Over the past few years, our culture has encouraged us to navigate life purely through intellectual processes, as if these systems could replace our humanity and provide certainty. ‘One Step. Two Step.’ conveys a complex emotional journey within a relationship and the push-pull dynamic between two individuals far beyond surface-level emotions or logic. We brave this emotional rollercoaster for the payoff of human connection and interaction, and through these relationships, we connect with ourself and others.

Much-tipped indie force HotWax have shared new single ‘Drop’. Snapped up by Marathon Artists, the three-piece released their stellar debut EP A Thousand Times earlier this year. Taking time out to focus on their next step, HotWax will play an epic tour this Autumn with Royal Blood. Alongside this the group have shared a seismic new single, with ‘Drop’ carrying a heavyweight grunge-leaning mixture. Out now, the band’s pop appeal is evident, and while the needle is pointed firmly to the red HotWax also deliver some ear-worm melodies. A punchy, ambitious return, ‘Drop’ comes equipped with a tongue-in-cheek video shot by Josh Quinton. Styled in Fall ‘23 Charles Jeffrey, it’s a hilarious UFO-themed video. The film maker comments: “My aim for this video was to create an explosive & exciting journey through the band members’ brains that matches the exhilarating energy of the song, whilst also fusing their own personal style with my love for trashy 70s B movies and 90s kids TV… I wanted to use the symbolism of space travel to represent the band’s momentum and fresh landing into the world whilst adhering to a strong DIY ethos and reaching maximum altitudes of fun.” [via Clash]

Charli XCX has shared a new video for ‘Speed Drive,’ her song for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. Directed by Ramez Silyan, the video stars Charli XCX racing a convertible pink Corvette with Devon Lee Carlson, getting interrupted by a video-call from fellow Barbie contributor Sam Smith, and then dancing as the Corvette does donuts around her. [via Pitchfork]

cumgirl8 have shared a video for their song ‘cursed angel’. The track intriguingly diverges from CG8’s usual choral narratives. It teases with the harmonious whispers reminiscent of a 60s girl group before diving into chaos, resonating in spectral reverberations. The song distinctly embodies the eerie feeling of mental confinement experienced in an altered mental state, successfully encapsulating and portraying this disquieting sensation. “It’s about feeling like you’re slipping out of reality; it’s uncontrollable and sometimes you can’t contain it,” says the band. “If you don’t fight it, the outcome can be positive.“ ‘cursed angel,’ delves even deeper, invoking a frenetic frolic on the edges of madness. Lida Fox, Veronika Vilim, Chase Lombardo, and Avishag Rodrigues do not disappoint in their discordant dance with derangement. In fact, they’ve taken this danse macabre straight to the mountains in the fascinating new video directed by Peter Kaaden. In a provocative blend of reverence and rebellion, the video kicks off with the quartet clad in pristine Catholic school uniforms, poised in a chapel’s solemn embrace. But as the reel unfolds, the sanctity of the scene gives way to a raw, primal transformation. Venturing deep into the mystical mountain’s embrace, the tableau shifts from piety to paganism, as the girls engage in a mud dance that feels like an ancient rite reawakened. This descent into untamed spiritualism is juxtaposed with surreal, trippy animations – lambs, often symbolizing innocence, and alter ego avatars, suggesting deeper, perhaps darker, layers of self. The visual odyssey is a wild ride, daring its viewers to journey between two worlds, from structured religion to uninhibited nature, challenging our perceptions of conformity and wild abandon. [via Post-Punk]

Last month, Jamila Woods announced a new album, Water Made Us, and shared its lead single ‘Tiny Garden.’ Now, the Chicago musician is back with a new song, ‘Boomerang.’ “I co-wrote this song with Nao, GRADES and George Moore on a sweet London day last year,” Woods said in a statement. “It was amazing to work with Nao and meet her longtime collaborators and feel the synergy that they have together. It’s a song about that kind of relationship that keeps popping back up throughout your life, that magnetic attachment you have to someone and the excitement and anxiety that comes with wondering ‘will we or won’t we?” Check out the music video, which was directed by VAM and shot at the Chicago Magic Lounge, below. [via Stereogum]

K-pop girl group aespa have released their new single ‘Better Things’. ‘Better Things’ is aespa’s second fully English single, following July 2022’s ‘Life’s Too Short’. Meanwhile, the accompanying music video follows the girl group as they chase a mystical creature, which leads them to tropical paradise. “I’m sorry that it hurts you / No, I’m sorry I ain’t sorry / ​aespa, big girls making money / ​aespa, you’re our number one fan now / You can only see me at a sold-out show,” the quartet sing on the bridge of ‘Better Things’. [via NME]

Powerhouse indie rock duo Child Seat has just released their latest single, ‘The Punchline’, an exploration on expectations and coming of age.’The Punchline’ has a certain melancholic feel to it, as the band delves into an honest conversation with themselves; the candid lyrics touch on feeling left behind in life, along with the insecurities and frustrations that come with reaching different milestones. The song is raw and painfully open, as it makes the listener question their place in life, and even their own self worth. It’s a very relatable release for those who feel disappointed in their reality, or anyone still trying to find themselves. The blend of 80’s synths and moody 2000’s indie rock is haunting; there’s an underlying feeling of sadness, despite the joyful beat. The intro feels bright, in contrast with the soulful vocals, with an almost jarring, metallic sound when we reach the bridge. As the listener starts paying close attention, ‘The Punchline’ invokes an unsettling atmosphere, like being in the middle of a cheering crowd, but with deep sorrow within. [via Melodic Mag]

CLT DRP have released a new single and video, ‘I See My Body Through You’. It’s a cut from the band’s recently-announced new album, Nothing Clever, Just Feelings. The Brighton trio’s second full-length will arrive on September 8 via Venn Records. Vocalist Annie Dorrett says: “‘I See My Body Through You’ is probably one of the tracks we’re looking forward to putting out the most. The content of the song set against the visuals all came out perfectly. There’s a lot behind this song, different ways to interpret it, but the unsettling feeling and tension in the orchestration and in the video match up to the emotions that created this song in the first place—the emotions of being constantly on show, being objectified, and your own confidence being warped because of other people’s gaze. I think Alice heard the song and understood those feelings immediately, as most women do, and came up with some striking and strange concepts for the video. Working together, videographer Sam Morris captured Alice’s vision which led to this beautifully eerie video.” [via Upset]

Backdropped against the Los Angeles cityscape, the magical realism and cosmic abstractions in REHMA’s ‘HYPNOTIC’ single and music video gives major superhero energy. With REHMA’s fighting companion, Alé Araya by her side, the video oozes powerful femme energy, disrupting traditional superhero narratives and fucking sh*t up, yuh. This is especially true since REHMA & Alé Araya are just as much combat companions as they are genuine collaborators. The Pakistani femme fatale shines in front of the camera with ease and presence. Inspired by a community of powerful femme creatives, ‘HYPNOTIC’ is produced by Alé Araya & Rhea Raj, directed by Elise Schatz, and styled/creative directed by REHMA’s older sisters Rumsha & Rohaina Hassan. The sound pulls from neo-pop, progressive R&B, and electronic influences, garnering over 650K views across platforms. [via Sheesh Media]

Sydney/Gadigal fiery four-piece, DOWNGIRL, has unleashed their new single, ‘Boys,’ alongside the accompanying video. The powerful track comes ahead of their anticipated EP, Manic, which is set for release on September 22. Unleashing an uncompromising punk spirit and an authentically commanding sonic identity, DOWNGIRL possesses an extraordinary capacity to infuse their music with potent social observations. Their inaugural EP, Manic, only solidifies this trait. Comprising eight tracks, including the already unveiled ‘2006’ and the eponymous ‘Manic’, the EP emerges as a visceral product of the band channelling their fervour and navigating their inner struggles. Each song within the collection captures the fierce dynamism and unrelenting punk essence that has been their hallmark ever since the release of their debut single in 2022. “The title, Manic, was lifted from our single of the same name. We chose it as it encapsulates our state of being when the band was in its infancy. This EP is a diary, charting our progress from our beginnings in the bedroom when we were physically separated to now, being in each other’s bloody pockets!” says Lou Harbidge. Front and centre as the flagship track, ‘Boys’ delivers a direct and incisive examination of the persistent legacy of violence propagated by cisgender men. DOWNGIRL’s ingenious way of satirising these destructive norms is seamlessly paired with a music video that wields empowerment. This visual masterpiece accentuates the LGBTQIA+ community, highlighting their vitality and tenacity in the face of repressive norms. It is a triumphant homage to those who assert their authenticity and refuse to be confined by oppressive conventions. [via AAA Backstage]

Slayyyter is counting down the days to the September 22 release of her second album STARFUCKER, a project themed around fame, sex, femme fatales, and celebrity obsession. It is the second of those themes that acts as the basis for ‘Erotic Electronic,’ the latest single to be lifted from the album following ‘Out of Time’ and ‘Miss Belladonna.’ The song is a sleazy electro-pop banger filled with lust and desire. It comes with a video in which Slayyyter catches the eye of many an onlooker as she walks down the street semi-nude, with only two black bars protecting her modesty. Writing about the video on social media, Slayyyter shared: “hope it makes u feel something (h*rny).” [via The FADER]

Madison Beer has released a new single, ‘Spinnin”. It’s the latest cut from her recently-announced next album. Silence Between Songs will be released on September 15, and has already been teased by ‘Home To Another One’. Speaking about the release, Madison says: “This song is a reflection of a time when everything seemed to stand still. I felt like every day was a cycle and I was stuck in such an anxious place, yet I could finally explore the thoughts and emotions in my head. I dreamed of a video that was cinematic and visually striking that brought those emotions to life, and I’m so proud of what we created.” [via Dork]

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