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Photo credit: Sondre Mjåland

Marie Sahba braces before letting go on brilliant new single ‘Fall Apart’

A Norwegian-Iranian songwriter, producer and DJ, Marie Sahba has been making solid pop bangers since the release of her debut EP Out of Control in 2019. Combining her eastern heritage with Scandinavian pop, Marie released the touching new single ‘Never Got To Know You’ earlier this year and with her AZERI BABY EP set to drop in October she’s teasing more new music from it with the release of ‘Fall Apart’.

‘Fall Apart’ was written by Marie and produced with Martin Vinje (Neon Ion). “It’s a song about letting go of a toxic relationship and to forgive,” says Marie who sings in both English and Azeri on the track. “Forgiveness is a precious gift, and it will set you free. Some relationships aren’t meant to last – sometimes you know it deep down, from the start.”

While working on the song she played it to her father, and he cited a traditional Persian saying, which he normally did when making a point – something Iranians tend to do as part of their culture and language. “To forgive is beautiful, nothing lasts forever and the journey itself is beautiful,” goes the saying. Only a month later he passed away but his words still ring clear in Marie’s heart – and became an inspiration for finishing the song and the EP.


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