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Melissa Rose releases dreamy indie pop single ‘BOMO’

Summertime vibes are the key element in Melissa Rose’s new dreamy offering ‘BOMO.’ Melissa is an indie-pop producer from the South Coast who’s inspiration comes from a mesh of shoegaze, pop and guitar music – influences that she’s intertwined together in her own music creating a unique sound.

Her latest offering ‘BOMO’ (Better On My Own) showcases this. A minimalist but effective beat is laid down first, not only creating an infectious feel but also acting as the glue for lead lines that are placed on top. These guitar lines are powerful but also dreamy as they ebb and flow between each other and fluctuate between heartwarming backing vocals. Her melodies are captivating and are sung by a reserved but raw and emotional vocal tone that pierces the mix and entices listeners further.

Speaking about the release she says: “I wrote ‘BOMO’ (Better On My Own) as a dreamy pop track with a message of self love and empowerment and drew influences from indie pop and folk. I recorded and produced the track myself over a few months and have been perfecting my sound through this process.”


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