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Photo credit: Krit Upra

Boy Jr. releases new single ‘Hey Sorry’

Today, Boy Jr. releases their new single ‘Hey Sorry’, mastered by Willie Green, off their debut album Pay Attention to Meee set to release on June 24.

Inspired by Chairlift and Caroline Polachek, ‘Hey Sorry’ is an experimental song where Boy Jr. turned their sadness into a work of art. This is a song of strength and a way to take charge of your day. “‘Hey Sorry’ is a sonic showcase of how fucked up I get when I have a crush,” they say.

Boy Jr. is the songwriting/production project of Erica Allen-Lubman (she/they). Allen-Lubman has established a consistently viral internet presence through original music, as well as artist-crossover mashup covers that is both catchy and creative, while staying true and personal. While Boy Jr.’s charming, energetic indie pop-rock flourishes from Allen-Lubman’s academic music production background, the immense genre versatility is the backbone of the project.


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