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Photo credit: Allegra Toran

Birthh shares euphoric track ‘Hyperdrive’

Today, Brooklyn-based alt-pop artist Birthh shares the warm, euphoric track ‘Hyperdrive’ out everywhere now. The dreamy track is pulled from her forthcoming cinematic, kaleidoscopic third studio album Moonlanded due out September 1. ‘Hyperdrive’ is a hopeful, energetic peek inside the artist’s heart that takes listeners on a journey through outer-space.

‘Hyperdrive’ saw several transformations before it became what it is now. What began as a slow, tender ballad filled with tension without any release turned into a sweeping, heartfelt euphoria with playful, upbeat vocals pitched up. The light track sees the artist open her heart in real time as the song flows out. Birthh reveals, “There was something that I loved so deeply about it–to this day it has probably some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written–but I could never find a way to finish it that felt true to the soul of the song.”

Finally, after spending over a year adjusting it with her co-producer London O’Connor, the pair landed on a happier version with an energetic, cathartic release that seems to float through space and time. Birthh continues, “The chorus had no tension, just release, the beat was open and euphoric and it sounded just like my heart.”

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