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Photo credit: Mikhela Greiner

Mia Berg’s ‘I’ll Never Leave You’ is a sweeping, glorious statement

The first months of 2022 has found Oslo-based songwriter Mia Berg setting off down a path of new music and new directions. After releasing the wistful ‘The Other Side’ and recent lo-fi single ‘Goodbye, For A While’, today sees the Norwegian move through the gears with an uplifting new track called ‘I’ll Never Leave You’.

Nostalgia and childhood memories – alongside the stasis of a two year global pandemic – has informed Mia’s music recently but ‘I’ll Never Leave You’ focuses on the chaotic life of a twenty-something, making bad decisions…yet still knowing the value of good friends when we stumble into those dark places.

‘I’ll Never Leave You’ is Mia Berg’s full-band sound, with drums, guitar and synths combining to uplift and grip – the perfect song to soundtrack you marching along the street as the sun shines. “It’s a story I wanted to tell through a lot of lyrical images,” says Mia. “At the start of the song I pictured someone standing in a garden screaming at each other, or in the second verse ‘we’re swimming, in an ocean only you’ve seen’ It’s just these glimpses of chaos and desperation. I think it’s something everyone can relate to – having a phase of struggling or doubt, and the importance of having friends to lean on through those moments in life.”


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