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Photo credit: Jack Defroand

Mimi Barks unveils brand-new single & video ‘FSU’

Mimi Barks has today announced the upcoming release of her long awaited debut album THIS IS DOOM TRAP. The Doom Trap artist will release her anticipated album on September 26 via Silent Cult.

“The Awakening or the pain-body? THIS IS DOOM TRAP. Welcome to a sonic journey through my pain-body and a guide on how to deal with it,” explains Mimi Barks as she refers to her upcoming album. “The only way out is through. But everything is Rhythm and you’ll find yourself where you began eventually, on a slightly higher plane with new but similar challenges.”

THIS IS DOOM TRAP has producer credits such as MorgothBeatz (Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker), Brian Spencer (Slipknot, Scarlxrd) and Kenny Graves and is being previewed today with the release of Mimi Barks’ brand-new single ‘FSU’ (short for Fuck Shit Up). This is the first piece of new music that Mimi Barks has released since her critically acclaimed mixtape DEADGIRL (2022).

Talking about her new single Mimi Barks shares, “Things must end for a new door to open and the wrong door will close for the right path to be revealed. It’s funny how I wrote this track inspired by me constantly fucking up relationships with people I engage or work with. As a butterfly can cause a storm by flapping its wings several weeks earlier, with my wings… much more like those of a Pterosaurs. Makes me wonder if I’m the mad person or if I’m just following the path that’s been laid out for me, playing my part in this chaos theory.”

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