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Photo credit: Milo Citron

mlbacard¡ lets emotions run wild on new single ‘Claustrophobic’

Rising artist mlbacard¡ shares her brilliant single ‘CLAUSTROPHOBIC,’ which doubles as a time capsule to her teenage years when she suffered from an extreme lack of self-confidence.

The track itself features exquisite guitars and sleek hip-hop drums that make the track perfect for this summer’s evening playlists, but it’s mlbacard¡’s vocals that ultimately could break hearts, as she can’t hide the pain she felt when she was 15 when the track was written.

Expanding on the release, mlbacard¡ explains “This song is the vulnerable depiction of innocence and the lack of confidence of an average teen life perspective. This is naturally emphasized by having written and composed this song when 15. It creates a clear cut timeline of the evolution of me as a person and relatively teenage life as a whole.”

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