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mlbacard¡ shares her latest single ‘DO MY OWN STUNTS’

Newcomer mlbacard¡ returns with an introspective new single ‘DO MY OWN STUNTS.’ The single, she says, is about “struggling to accept love due to not feeling worthy of it and the self-sabotage that follows” and is perfectly told with the use of heartfelt lyrics and stunning yet emotive vocal that is drenched in heavenly reverb alongside purring guitar chords. In the spirit of announcements, mlbacard¡ has also announced her debut mixtape titled I LOVE TO DO MY STUNTS which will be released November 1, via Believe.

Explaining her new single in more detail, mlbacard¡ adds “It’s not wanting the responsibility of love in fear of not being able to reciprocate what’s been given. It’s about, constant self-sabotage, letting yourself get caught-up in the ideas that pollute your mind, and literally doing your own stunts, and as a result, always falling flat on your face.”

The song itself has one positive message to focus on in relation to living with similar mental health concerns and that is, perfectly explained by mlbacard¡ who says “Putting how I feel into words has been extremely therapeutic. This is a song I hold dearly to my heart because it’s something that I’ve felt for years, but wasn’t ever able to properly express this feeling until I wrote it down and has become apart of a process to understanding myself.”

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