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Photo credit: Milo Citron

mlbacard¡ reveals debut single ‘KETCHUP’

Today, mlbacard¡ becomes an instant, an unequivocal new name to watch with her smooth yet melancholic debut song ‘KETCHUP.’ Penned during a tough moment suffering with immense sorrow, this instant new music gem was influenced by legendary acts, Portishead and Air.

Speaking about the song, mlbacard¡ expands “I was a lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl; I’d trap myself in the inevitable cycles of depression. I felt misunderstood and didn’t accept the way society conventionally measures success, the world felt empty, therefore I felt empty.”

mlbacard¡ cites the likes of Biig Piig, Metronomy, Brockhampton, 070 Shake, The strokes and countless others as influences and adds “Instead of doing my homework, I would be writing music or literally doing hours and hours and hours of research on new music playlists is my Holy Grail.” Bringing her own sound together, there’s an inquisitive sonic spirit and a compulsion to work through her difficulties via music in an honest way.

As an introduction to mlbacard¡, it shows an artist first and foremost obsessed with music and all its possibilities, but also with heart and a drive to own her own narrative. “I definitely want there to be a sense of humour to what I do because although life can be confusing, you might as well make a joke out of it rather than dwell in your own sadness which is what I’ve been doing for way too long,” she nods. “Now I’m wanting to reinterpret those things into something that can be for the better.”

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