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Photo credit: Colette Meyer

Moonpools release new single ‘Damaged Goods’

Indie/Dreampop quintet Moonpools from Basel, Switzerland have just released their terrific new single ‘Damaged Goods’ via Young and Aspiring. With their newest effort, Moonpools skilfully prove that they are in no way inferior to household names such as Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Hatchie.

‘Damaged Goods’ is considered the turning point of Moonpools’ musical journey. Despite its relaxed mood, the song is to be understood as an ode to the universal lostness and confusion of human existence. This also shows a great strength of singer Marcie Nyffeler, who balances between cheerfulness and melancholy with her voice and lyrics seemingly effortlessly, bringing a smile to one’s lips while still wiping a tear from one’s eye.

Marcie explains: “The song came into being at a time in my life where I felt like I was just wandering around without any goals or ambition. That feeling hasn’t necessarily gone away, but I try not to judge myself for it anymore. Everyone’s a little lost in some way or another, and that’s ok.”


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