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Photo credit: Guy Gotto

Muna Ileiwat shares new single ‘Pity Party’

Muna Ileiwat is a London-based, New Jersey-born songwriter who creates euphoric indie pop. Her debut EP Twenty-Seven is set for release August 19 via Fear of Missing Out Records and the first single from the record ‘Pity Party’ is online now.

The percussive, voltaic opener ‘Pity Party’ served as the catalyst for this latest collection. Inspired by an event that happened on the last night of her twenty-seventh year, Muna began exploring and unpicking the emotional baggage from those twelve months to try to make sense of where her life was going.

“That year marks a time when I became somewhat of an open book,” she explains. “I had no time for people’s bullshit and decided I was just going to start tackling life with 100% conviction.” This self-assured stance is palpable throughout the EP’s assertive offerings, as she laments “I wonder what you’re looking for, acceptance isn’t here knocking at your door.”

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