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Samantha Lindo releases new single ‘Worthy’

Rising soul sensation Samantha Lindo has released her new single ‘Worthy’ today.

The single was inspired by the story of Lindo’s great, great grandfather Samuel Brown; a black Methodist minister from Barbados whose faith and knowledge of himself as a worthy child of God, enabled him to defy societal prejudice and pursue an interracial marriage to Ada – a white Scottish teacher and daughter of previous plantation owners – in 1891.

“I called the track ‘Worthy’ because that is what I receive from their story”, Lindo elaborates, “in a world where still so often we base worth and identity on outside appearances, I wanted to claim his courage to defy social norms and a worthiness that comes from an inner knowing, not an outward status or position”. Throughout the track, Lindo’s warm, soul-tinged vocal soars effortlessly over spiritual jazz soundscapes, allowing her impassioned lyrics to take centre stage.

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