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Neev shares new single ‘Forever Time’

Following her incredibly well received debut album, Katherine released earlier this year on Trapped Animal, Neev shares ‘Forever Time’. A new and previously unheard single taken from the Katherine writing sessions. Trapped Animal is also pleased to announce the release of Katherine on CD for the first time, the CD will feature ‘Forever Time’ as a bonus track.

Neev says on writing the song: “’Forever Time’ is about the feeling of settling into comfort and letting time stand still. I wrote Forever Time towards the end of writing and recording Katherine, it still feels very much in that world to me, I felt really content in the creative process and proud of what I’d made. I feel like writing ‘Forever Time’ was me kind of closing that chapter of creativity for me and just sitting in what I’d made and where I was. A lot led up to writing and making Katherine and I felt like a dog with a bone for years and years. ‘Forever Time’ marks all that coming to an end, being happy in the stillness and letting go of trying to micromanage or control what would come next.”

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