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Photo credit: Sloane Johnson

Neptune’s Core’s share daring double single ‘Box’ & ‘Anyway’

Today, Chicago-based alternative indie rock band Neptune’s Core treat fans to a hard-hitting double single release, ‘Box’ and ‘Anyway’ out everywhere now. With each track, the band charts fresh sonic territory with gripping lyricism and slick instrumentation that complement one another.

Out today, ‘Box’ and ‘Anyway’ each scratch a new itch for the band, achieving a powerful, particular sound the band has yet to fully touch until this point. It wasn’t until a late night studio session that Sofie Richter (vocals/guitar) landed on a specific melody that prompted the punchy ‘Box’ to form, and in that moment, each bandmate knew it was something special. Richter recalls the “life-changing” experience, “We all were beaming and screaming and we just felt so good. The four of us all hopped in the vocal room and together, recorded the lyrics, ‘over again, never be all yours.’ Creating this part of the song is one of my favorite memories of being a musician.”

Both tracks feature contrasting vocal parts that encourage listeners to really listen. For the first time, ‘Anyway,’ brought Richter and Jackie Cywinski (vocals/guitar) together as co-writers. Emotionally stirring and delicately dreamy, Hannah Richter (bass) says the track stands out from the rest of the band’s music. “It’s unlike any of our other songs in how subtly bold it is. We experimented a lot with this song and I think it shows in the breathtaking melody. The feeling this song evokes in me is one that is hard to put into words because I feel like the instrumentation does the talking, but ‘Anyway’ feels like space.”

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