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Photo credit: Martyna Bannister

Pillow Queens share new single ‘Like A Lesson’

Today, acclaimed Irish indie rock band Pillow Queens share their latest track and official video for ‘Like A Lesson’, out everywhere now. The band’s triumphant third studio album Name Your Sorrow is due out April 19.

Out today, the guitar-driven ‘Like A Lesson’ explores longing for intimacy and a desire for closeness as well as the fears and insecurities that come with sharing one’s self. On the raw subject matter, the band says the track dives into, “The notion of finding safety and comfort in the presence of love of limerence is emphasized, contrasting with the paralyzing fear of making mistakes or ruining your life or someone else’s. It delves into the feeling of being a lesson for someone, a side character in someone else’s story.” Over a hooky guitar riff, the track swells until the backing instruments fade for a moment and lead vocalist, bassist and guitarist Pamela Connolly belts, “I don’t wanna ruin my life/But I wanna go home with you.” Here, the band illustrates the thin line between fear and desire, and the risk involved in vulnerability.

It slowly became a blend of each band member’s music taste and is now a favorite to play live. The band continues, “Sonically, we were influenced by a range of artists from Blur and REM to Seminsonic, New Radicals, and Squeeze. It began as a song we felt had a strong country music influence and morphed into something that referenced a wide range of our musical tastes. It’s the 90s soft rock song on the album.”

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