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Photo credit: Will Oliver

Nisa finds strength in self-confrontation with ‘Dreamspeak’

Nisa has announced her debut album Shapeshifting – due out April 26 via Tender Loving Empire Records – with lead singles ‘Smokescreen’. ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Currents’.

New single ‘Dreamspeak’ is a powerful statement of taking back one’s power and voice while in a twilight state. The irresistibly catchy piano-lead, synth-soaked indie pop track is released today alongside an official video.

Nisa shares, “I once heard from someone that not being able to communicate in your dreams is a reflection of your waking life’s sense of not being heard. I thought about writing ‘Dreamspeak’ as an undoing of this feeling, where my dream-self could confront me and give me my voice back.”

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