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Photo credit: Sara Laufer

Nisa shares new single ‘Affection’

Nisa, the solo project of Brooklyn-based musician Nisa Lumaj is sharing her new single, ‘Affection’ which arrives as the second track to be lifted from the Exaggerate EP. The four-track collection comes produced by Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, My Idea, Lily Konigsberg) and is set for release via Los Angeles-based label, Hit the North Records on September 30.

‘Affection’ comes as a jittery piece of alt-pop, tying gleaming synth with deadpan vocals singing over a distorted, propulsive tom groove before exploding into a swell of guitar and electronics towards the end. Speaking about the track, Nisa says: “‘Affection’ focuses on the importance of tenderness. Nate [Amos] and I wanted the production to feel understated yet shimmery in order to communicate the power of nonverbal cues and little acts of care.”

The new collection chalks up Nisa’s third EP release in just over a year following last year’s Guilt Trip and Time To Plant Tears. Lumaj’s new project, Exaggerate was conceived in a liminal period, while she was bouncing between Los Angeles, London, and New York; as a result, there’s a journalistic intensity that seeps through it.

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