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Photo credit: Sara Laufer

Nisa announces new EP Exaggerate; shares title track

Nisa, the solo project from New York City-based musician Nisa Lumaj, is sharing the new single, ‘Exaggerate’ alongside announcing details of the Exaggerate EP which comes produced by Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, My Idea, Lily Konigsberg) marking the debut release for Los Angeles-based label, Hit the North Records.

The new EP chalks up Nisa’s third EP release in just over a year following last year’s Guilt Trip and Time To Plant Tears. Lumaj’s new project, Exaggerate was conceived in a liminal period, while she was bouncing between Los Angeles, London, and New York. As a result, there’s a journalistic intensity that seeps through it, even at its most accessible.

The EP-titled track and first single is a slice of scrappy dance-pop, which simultaneously calls to mind Sales, The xx, and Jenny Hval. “If I could delete the pain / It might take me / To your heart, beat faster,” her AutoTuned voice sings on the song’s soaring earworm of a hook. Speaking about the new single, Nisa says: “It takes a while for me to internalize things, and usually that means I have to make sense of my thoughts on my own before I can open up to others. ‘Exaggerate’ is about recognizing the intensity of a really special, fast-moving thing, and desperately wanting to speed that process up in myself.”

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