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Bar Pandora shares new single ‘Vice Vice Vice’

Ahead of the release of her debut self-titled EP on July 5, Bar Pandora has shared new single ‘Vice Vice Vice’.

Drawn to the idea of collaborating with a producer who works outside of the musical world she usually inhabits, Bar Pandora began working on her debut EP with jungle producer Simply Dread. The result is deliciously off-kilter yet melodious alt-pop, playfully sewn together from the offcuts of personal experience; field recordings, journal entries and improvised fragments which bop along to a rich undercurrent of harmonic synths, guitars and dynamic beats.

New single ‘Vice Vice Vice’ is an unapologetically catchy pop anthem. “The song is a remonstrance to a neglectful lover. It’s about that push and pull you feel when you’re putting everything into a relationship and still being taken for granted,” says Bar Pandora. “It’s a crazy-making situation that I know too well, so it’s fun to be able to sing it out loud along to a pop beat and shout a bit at the end,” she continues.


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  1. Tim

    It’s a brilliant single. I have it on repeat play. I love the “punk style” shouted words at the end of the lines.

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