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Photo credit: Sara Carpentieri

Phoebe Hall announces new EP & shares pop gem ‘Like This’

One of the UK’s finest upcoming pop prospects, Phoebe Hall is announcing the details of her new EP, titled Stop Before It Starts which will be released on March 15, 2024 via Fear Records. Alongside the announcement, Phoebe is sharing new single ‘Like This’ today.

The new single addresses how exhausted Phoebe is with the conflict surrounding her identity and appearance, feeling as though neither feminine nor masculine looks have served her in feeling truly at ease in her own skin. It’s a deeply personal new cut and packs a bold pop punch with veracious lyrics, moody guitar lines and a tight drum beat.

“This is about feeling like your body or look don’t suit how you feel” explains Phoebe. “It’s a defiance of the norm whilst desperately wanting to fit in. It’s the final straw and it’s saying I can’t live like in this limbo anymore. It focuses on a very queer experience of this tension between wanting to look the way your body or society doesn’t allow.”

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