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Photo credit: Noël Dombroski

PREMIERE: Kit Major shares new single ‘God Complex’

LA-based indie pop queen Kit Major is back with an exciting announcement: after sharing a string of singles for the past year, she’s finally ready to share her debut EP Vampire Saturday, out next month. With this announcement, she is also sharing new single ‘God Complex’ which you can listen to here first exclusively on SMM!

Taking inspiration from Y2K pop-punk icons Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Paramore, ‘God Complex’ is an addictive grunge-pop banger packed to the brim with catchy guitar riffs and melodies that’ll immediately get stuck in your head.

“I wrote God Complex on a hot summer day in 2020 with my best friend and roommate, Nöel Dombroski, a day or two after we found an acoustic guitar in the dumpster which was later named Universe,” Kit told us. “We were jamming in my bedroom and she came up with a baseline that sparked the idea. Immediately from there we wrote from what we knew- being two stoners in our twenties, trying to figure it out.

“‘God Complex’ is searching for something or someone out there- maybe it’s about love… or maybe it’s about finding a really cool alien. Up to interpretation.

“I think ‘God Complex’ captures a really cool mix between passion and appreciation for imperfection and self reflection, while maintaining a cool, refreshing attitude that in life, you don’t need all the answers. “


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