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Photo credit: Sara Laufer

Eva Rose shares new single ‘Final Girl’

Off the heels of her punchy, alternative-pop anthem, ‘Happy Belated,’ Eva returns with a moodier, Gothic-Pop single, ‘Final Girl.’

Combining her signature dream-like, multilayered electric guitars and soaring melodies with a Disco-reminiscent bassline, Eva takes a new approach in her sound and storytelling as she threads together reality and horror.

In ‘Final Girl,’ Eva likens a previous relationship to the slasher movie trope of the same name, which refers to the last girl alive to face the killer and ostensibly survive to tell the story. ‘Final Girl’ was co-written, produced, and mixed by long-time collaborator FLORIO (ROSIE, Anna Shoemaker, DEZI) / Mastered by Gabrielle Grella (morgen, Rachel Bochner).

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