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Photo credit: Madeleine Fisher

Queen Cult release new single ‘It Matters To Me’

Queen Cult are a rising rock-outfit based in Macclesfield, spearheaded by guitarist and lead vocalist Maisie Johnson, with Brodie Carson and Piers Jarvis taking up drums and bass respectively. Known for their rip-roaring riffage and earth shattering vocals, their newest offering ‘It Matters To Me’ oozes with style which drips from every crevice of their St. Vincent style guitarwork, tempered pre-choruses and supermassive-counterpoints in the melody and rhythm section.  

Discussing the release, Maisie explains: “This song was written for a friend. I wanted to understand it from her perspective and to give her a platform that would radiate with empowerment, after such distrust and pain she had endured. I wanted to show her she is not alone and how undeserving that moment was for her. I wanted her to feel heard, since she felt she had been silenced by that moment. For anyone else unheard or needing that feeling of empowerment in a moment where your femininity or dignity felt stolen. I hear you. You’re valid. It matters x” 

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