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Photo credit: Luke Fenstemaker

renforshort shares devastating new single ‘i miss myself’

After building buzz with recent releases ‘moshpit,’ ‘made for you’ and ‘we’ll make this ok’ featuring Travis Barker, 20-year-old alt-pop artist renforshort unveils a new song entitled ‘I miss myself’. The track will be featured on renforshort’s anxiously awaited debut album, dear amelia, which will be released on July 8.

“’i miss myself’ is about feeling like you need to be all these other people, until eventually you don’t know who you are anymore,” she says. Opening in a stripped-back haze and reaching a wild ferocity at the bridge, ‘i miss myself’ also reveals ren’s gift for elevating her storytelling through ingenious use of sonic contrast and dynamics. “I wanted the song to feel like when you’re having a conversation and trying to stay calm, until you finally can’t hold back anymore and everything just explodes,” she explains.

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